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Benefits of Vehicle Tracking

Insurance premiums reduction

As well as promoting driver safety, vehicle tracking plays a part in helping to recover after a theft. Insurance companies know the importance of having GPS tracking and can reward drivers up to 20%  off their insurance premiums.

Cut fuel costs 

Vehicle tracking allows you to target those of your drivers that waste fuel by speeding or taking longer routes, giving you the ability to address the costly drivers accordingly. Being able to focus on these drivers will result in the reduction of fuel cost therefore saving you money.

Become more customer friendly.

Vehicle tracking is essential for a more customer friendly business. For example,  Taxi companies or companies that make deliveries can give customers accurate wait times and are deemed more trustworthy, customers are more likely to trust businesses with vehicle tracking because they are able to trace the vehicle.

Real time tracking

Vehicle tracking saves the hassle of calling your drivers on a mobile phone for regular updates, this allows you to locate your drivers instantly and eliminates the use of mobile phones behind the wheel meaning you could avoid fines and road accidents as well as cutting costs on your phone bill.

Stay ahead of rival companies

When making a pitch for new business or renewing existing contracts, having vehicle tracking software gives you an advantage over rival companies that do not.


Typical comments made by companies who use vehicle tracking

‘We’ve saved 10% on fuel costs already.’

‘Getting rid of confusing time sheets means we can confirm on site times with customers with ease.’

‘It puts my mind at ease knowing my drivers are safe.’

‘It’s good to know how much money was wasted on bad driving habits, we have now put actions in place to decrease fuel costs.’

‘We’ve cut mileage across the fleet by 100 miles per day.’



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