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Have your drivers been wrongfully accused?

RAC’s BePhoneSmart campaign Spokesman Pete Williams said ‘These days it is less phone calls and more pings and buzzes of texts and social media apps that have potential to distract a driver from the task at hand.’

With CATs-i, you could install a dual camera recording system, enabling you to monitor the actions of your drivers whilst still recording the road ahead.

Have your drivers been the victim of an unjustified accusation of bad driving, being on their phone or of verbally abusing others? With CATs-i recording systems, you could install an in-cab CCTV camera system to protect your driver, and provide evidence to dismiss malicious claims.


Benefits of Vehicle Tracking

Insurance premiums reduction

As well as promoting driver safety, vehicle tracking plays a part in helping to recover after a theft. Insurance companies know the importance of having GPS tracking and can reward drivers up to 20%  off their insurance premiums.

Cut fuel costs 

Vehicle tracking allows you to target those of your drivers that waste fuel by speeding or taking longer routes, giving you the ability to address the costly drivers accordingly. Being able to focus on these drivers will result in the reduction of fuel cost therefore saving you money.

Become more customer friendly.

Vehicle tracking is essential for a more customer friendly business. For example,  Taxi companies or companies that make deliveries can give customers accurate wait times and are deemed more trustworthy, customers are more likely to trust businesses with vehicle tracking because they are able to trace the vehicle.

Real time tracking

Vehicle tracking saves the hassle of calling your drivers on a mobile phone for regular updates, this allows you to locate your drivers instantly and eliminates the use of mobile phones behind the wheel meaning you could avoid fines and road accidents as well as cutting costs on your phone bill.

Stay ahead of rival companies

When making a pitch for new business or renewing existing contracts, having vehicle tracking software gives you an advantage over rival companies that do not.


Typical comments made by companies who use vehicle tracking

‘We’ve saved 10% on fuel costs already.’

‘Getting rid of confusing time sheets means we can confirm on site times with customers with ease.’

‘It puts my mind at ease knowing my drivers are safe.’

‘It’s good to know how much money was wasted on bad driving habits, we have now put actions in place to decrease fuel costs.’

‘We’ve cut mileage across the fleet by 100 miles per day.’


CATs-i Trailer Tracking

CATs-i Trailer Tracking


Trailer Tracking



This weeks transport joke

5 reasons your fleet should invest in dashcams.

1.       Monitoring drivers and promoting best driver practice.

Reckless drivers are statistically more likely to negatively impact your fuel economy and be involved in accidents costing your business more money long term. Installing a dashcam allows you to record and monitor the behaviour of your driver as well as the route they take. This promotes best driver practice and will allow you to highlight any irresponsible drivers making it easier for you to monitor their behaviour and save money.

A major worry for fleet operators is how their driver is representing their business on the road. Installing a duel camera lense records footage inside of the vehicle and lets you monitor your drivers behaviour behind the wheel. Instances of unprofessional behaviour like the use of mobile phones or road rage will be caught on camera for you to take appropriate action.


2.      Eliminate ‘Crash for cash’ claims.

Fraudsters have taken to the road to deliberately cause accidents and claim compensation and the worst part is, most drivers do not know they are being scammed! According to the Insurance Fraud Bureau, crash for cash claims cost innocent drivers up to £340million a year and you could be at risk of being targeted.

Installing a dashcam gives you irrefutable evidence to pass on to insurers and emergency services in the event of a collision and ensures that your drivers are safe from scammers!


3.      Protecting the vehicle when its parked

It goes without saying that other drivers are a lot less mindful of fleet vehicles than they are of owned ones. Paying costs for broken lights, scratches and dents on a vehicle is a regular occurrence for a Fleet Operator simply because they do not know who caused the damage. Installing a dashcam may not capture the full incident but its likely to capture the vehicle registration or driver who you can then hold accountable.


4.      Avoid valuable goods being stolen

Although you may think you have employed trustworthy drivers and put in place strict rules about locking unattended vehicles, there is no guarantee your goods are safe. Whether or not you have put your faith in an untrustworthy or negligent driver, Installing a dashcam gives you good piece of mind and plays a part in deterring thief’s, keeping your valuable goods safe.


5.      Speed up the process of insurance claims and reduce insurance premiums.

After an accident you may find yourself frustrated with the amount of time and money spent while waiting for a claim to be processed. Installing a dashcam provides clear video evidence of an event and saves the hassle of collecting individual witness accounts, therefore saving your business more money and time. Insurance companies have also noticed how much faster a claim can be processed when the driver has a dashcam installed and now reward a reduction on insurance premiums to drivers who have dashcams installed.

Steer Clear from Texting while Driving

Everyday thousands of drivers take their two eyes off the road and hands off the wheel to check their mobile phone. They simply cannot resist the urge to use social media platforms, send text messages or even take selfies. In fact 30% of drivers admitted to taking a call while driving and another 20% had sent a text, email or posted a status update. Even worse, just last year a whopping 56% of lorry drivers admitted to using their phone while driving and a further 27% admitted to texting while driving.

According to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, a driver is four times more likely to crash or be involved in a road accident if they are on their mobile phone.

By being a lot less aware of their surroundings, they run the risk of a slower reaction rate.

In many cases this results in increased response for braking, increased risk of driving into unsafe gaps in traffic, tailgating the vehicle in front  and failing to acknowledge important road signs. But of course, the most devastating effect of negligent driving is taking a life.

Police are clamping down on the use of mobile phones on the road by drivers. The penalty introduced in 2003 of three points on your licence and a fine of up to £100 has doubled.

If the case is taken to court motorists could receive a fine of up to £1,000 and Public Transport and HGV drivers will now face a fine of up to £2,500. The harsher penalties have been introduced to improve matters after

The harsher penalties have been introduced to improve matters. Despite the penalty doubling, research from Goodyear Tyres Uk showed a terrifying 23% of motorists admitted that fear of prosecution would not deter them from using their mobile phone while driving.

Whether this is a result of drivers believing that they won’t get caught or a complete disregard for road safety. Motorists are willing to take the risk of using their phone.

What can be done to end mobile phone use while driving for good?

It is clear we are a generation of people glued to their phones, but at what cost? Motorists are being encouraged to switch their phones off or on silent before their journey and to pull over safely if they want to use their mobile phone. No text, email or  Social media update is worth a life.

This weeks transport joke



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