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Why Should Your Fleet Invest in Dashcams?

Monitoring Drivers and Promoting Best Driver Practice.

Reckless drivers are statistically more likely to have a negative impact on your fuel economy and be involved in accidents costing your business more money in the long term. Installing a dashcam allows you to record and monitor the behaviour of your driver as well as the route they take. This promotes best driver practice and will allow you to highlight any irresponsible drivers, making it easier for you to monitor their behaviour and save money.

A major worry for fleet operators is how their driver is representing their business on the road. Installing a duel camera lens records footage inside of the vehicle and lets you monitor your driver’s behaviour behind the wheel.

Instances of unprofessional behaviour could be the use of a mobile phone or road rage. This will be caught on camera for you to take the appropriate action.

  • Eliminate ‘Crash for Cash’ Claims.

Fraudsters have taken to the road to deliberately cause accidents and claim compensation and the worst part is that most drivers do not know they are being scammed! According to the Insurance Fraud Bureau, crash for cash claims cost innocent drivers up to £340million a year and you could be at risk of being targeted.

Installing a dashcam gives you irrefutable evidence to pass on to insurers and the emergency services in the event of a collision and ensures that your drivers are safe from scammers!

  • Protecting the Vehicle When It’s Parked

It goes without saying that other drivers are a lot less mindful of fleet vehicles than they are of owned ones. Paying costs for broken lights, scratches and dents on a vehicle is a regular occurrence for a Fleet Operator simply because they do not know who or what has caused the damage. Installing a dashcam may not capture the full incident but it’s likely to capture the vehicle registration or driver who you can then hold accountable.

  • Avoid Valuable Goods Being Stolen

Although, you may think you have employed trustworthy drivers and put in place strict rules about locking unattended vehicles, there is no guarantee your goods are safe. Whether you have put your faith in an untrustworthy or negligent driver, installing a dashcam gives you ‘piece of mind’ and plays a part in deterring thieves, keeping your valuable goods safe.

  • Speed up the Process of Insurance Claims and Reduce Insurance Premiums.

After an accident, you may find yourself frustrated with the amount of time and money spent while waiting for a claim to be processed. Installing a dashcam provides clear video evidence of an event and saves the hassle of collecting individual witness accounts. Therefore, saving your business more money and time. Insurance companies have also noticed how much faster a claim can be processed when the driver has a dashcam installed and now reward a reduction on insurance premiums to drivers who have them installed.

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