Vehicle Safety & Telematics Solutions


Camera monitor systems are used in on-road and off-road applications to meet a large number of health and safety and legislative requirements. They help eliminate blind spots, preventing expensive vehicle damage and most importantly, save injury and loss of life.


  • Cover multiple blind spots on a single monitor.
  • Reduce vehicle damage and downtime.
  • Help reduce insurance premiums.
  • Give Improved views over standard mirrors.
  • Give a wider angle of view.
  • Improve visibility in low light conditions.

Mobile Digital Recording provides an accurate witness, giving irrefutable evidence in the case of false claims, crash for cash incidents and vandalism. Refuting these claims means companies can make major cost savings, whilst importantly supporting their drivers, who are often the subject of increased scrutiny.

CATs-i’s Digital Recording solutions include a four-channel recorder with 500GB hard drive and an eight-channel 1TB model, each allowing up to 1164 hours of recording time. Both four and eight-channel recorders include can be us

CATS-i telematic devices and digital recorders can be directly connected with our standard camera systems giving a complete solution and driver aid all in one.


  • Provides evidence in the case of accidents and legal proceedings.
  • Prevent false insurance claims such as ‘crash for cash’ scams.
  • Protection for drivers.
  • Encourages driver best practice, so less vehicle damage and accidents.
  • Enables more effective driver training.
  • Prevent load theft and catch perpetrators.
  • Vandalism deterrent.
  • All the above helps to lower insurance premiums.

Ultrasonic Detection is a great addition to any standard camera system. Safety devices such as extra mirrors or camera monitor systems with wider viewing angles have become standard equipment. Although there has been an increase in visibility, collisions with other vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians, remain high.


  • Give peace of mind to the driver
  • Give better protection to pedestrians, cyclists and workers
  • Minimises damage to vehicle, property and other objects
  • be used in conjunction with all CATs-i products and solutions
  • Be used to comply with most worksite regulations FORS, CLOCS etc.

Reverse & Warning Alarms play a crucial part in vehicle and site safety. Whether it be on or off road, vehicle warning alarms provided a significant step forward in vehicle safety.  Recently, there have been concerns over noise pollution caused by reverse and warning alarms. CATS-i recommends the use of White Sound reverse alarms for this reason.


  • An effective danger warning
  • instantly locatable
  • Heard only where it matters
  • Approved by the Noise Abatement Society
  • Certified by NAS/PIEK for night-time delivery

We also offer speaking, programmable and tonal alarms.

Radar Detection provides a much more robust and accurate solution in the harsher environments involved in mining, quarrying, agriculture & waste. Radar is less susceptible to dust, dirt and aggressive weather conditions.


  • Helps prevent collisions.
  • Prevents accidents and fatalities.
  • Saves collision damage cost and downtime.
  • Saves on third party claims.
  • Provides a 5 stage audible and visual warning.
  • Provides a narrow beam pattern to minimise false warnings.
  • Meets Health and Safety requirements.
  • Can trigger other safety equipment.
  • Suitable for on-road and off-road.

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