Vehicle Safety & Telematics Solutions

International Freight Security

CATS-I provide you with a full 360-degree vision for your fleet of vehicles.

CATs-i vehicle safety equipment helps drivers to be aware of pedestrians, cyclist and other surrounding obstacles.

GPS tracking keeps the controller informed always where the vehicle is located within the UK or when travelling abroad.

We also provide security cameras placed around the vehicle that allows the driver to see a full 360-degree view from the monitor located inside the cabin.

Other equipment provided includes an incident button that sounds when doors are opened by an intruder or thief.

This gives the driver an instant warning so police can be called allowing the driver and haulage to be safe and secured.

  • Internal cameras to monitor the cargo.
  • Door switches to alert driver and mark recordings when triggered.
  • Axle cameras to assist the driver when checking for unwanted passengers.
  • Incident button to alert operator and mark recordings.
  • 360 degree vision.
  • GPS tracking.
  • All the above connected to a digital recorder to produce vital evidence against unwanted fines.


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