Vehicle Safety & Telematics Solutions

Road Haulage & Freight

CATs- i provide you with top quality safety cameras to your fleet of vehicles

Cats-I help ensure vehicle safety and security to give you peace of mind on the roads with our range of camera monitoring systems, ultrasonic detection and reverse warning alarms.

It’s extremely important to take every care to ensure every safety and security measure is taken whilst travelling long distance and for the driver’s safety.

Our innovation in lorry security will help you feel at ease.

Some insurance companies are even willing to lower their insurance premiums just for having one installed.


  • Road Haulage & Freight safety cameras
  • Blind Spot Detection using Ultrasonics & Cameras.
  • Reverse & Turn Warning Alarms
  • Vehicle Tracking & Telematics to monitor your fleet.
  • FORS, CLOCS & Crossrail approved suppliers used.




Lower insurance costs

Fewer Accidents

More vehicles in operation

Zero risk of false claims

Deter vandals and thieves

Full vehicle security surveillance

Peace of mind for both managers and workers

Fewer noise complaints
















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