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Vehicle Telematic Safety Solutions

Cats-i offer the best solution for recording your taxi journeys as well as the passengers in your vehicle during the day and night.

Our camera monitoring systems serve a variety of interests related to robbery prevention. The recorded footage can be handed over to the police to help catch offenders and increase evidence.

Cats-I also provide adhesive stickers to attach to fleet vehicles to help deter any crimes as the assailant knows they are on camera.

  • HD Dash Cameras
  • Camera Monitor Systems
  • Mobile Digital Recorders
  • GPS Tracking Devices
  • Ultrasonic & Radar Detection
  • Reverse and Warning Alarms
  • Ultrasonic Detection
  • Digital Recording




  • Minimise driver threats & vandalism
  • Maximize driver & passenger safety
  • Fleet tracking
  • Record journey data
  • Monitor driving behavior
  • Driver assistance & obstacle detection
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Prove who is at fault in an accident
  • Zero risk of false claims
  • Visible camera deters ‘cash for crash’ incidents
  • Increased Speed of Claim Resolution
  • Possible Reduction in Insurance Premium


Some insurance companies are even willing to lower their insurance premiums just for having one installed.

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